Online Psycho-Instructional Model: For Women Victims of Cyber Bullying & Cyber Harassment

Proceedings of The 7th International Academic Conference on Humanities and Social Sciences

Year: 2022



Online Psycho-Instructional Model: For Women Victims of Cyber Bullying & Cyber Harassment




 The aim of this study is to develop an online psycho-educational instructional design model for women who are victims of cyber bullying and cyber harassment. Within the scope of this research, cooperation was carried out with 4 psychiatrists and 3 instructional design experts. According to the relevant literature, it has been observed that the trainings for problematic internet use and cyber victimization remain at the knowledge level. However, these grievances cause serious dramatic effects on women, affecting their academic, work and family lives. Therefore, training should be fed not only with pure information but also with psychological variables. The psycho-educational process modeled for this purpose was based on online instructional design strategies with the aim of reaching more audiences. It has been observed that women who are exposed to cyberbullying often refer to experts working in the field of psychology. It has been observed that the victim women experience the serious effects of the victimization they experience in online environments. In order to propose a solution to this problem, instructional design specialists should cooperate with psychology experts while designing online training. The study process was designed with a design-based research model. The design, development and evaluation process was shaped by interdisciplinary discussions. Within the scope of the study, individual interviews were conducted with 9 volunteer victim of cyberbully women by obtaining the necessary ethical permissions. The data obtained from the interviews were used in the process of reorganizing the instructional design process. As a result of this research; the framework of the relevant instructional design is structured under 5 themes. The qualitative findings obtained at the end of this study and the detailed framework for education will be shared. In addition, critical implications for the development of cognitive flexibility, self-esteem and emotion regulation skills were shared within the scope of the study. This framework is expected to contribute to the literature.

keywords: Cyberbullying, online education, psycho learning design,women in social networks.