The Introduction of Technologies in the Connection between Art and Game: the appearance of critical games

Proceedings of The 7th International Conference on New Findings in Humanities and Social Sciences

Year: 2022



The Introduction of Technologies in the Connection between Art and Game: the appearance of critical games

Alba García-Martínez



Technological advancements have ushered in a multitude of changes in the realm of digital games, democratizing artistic expression and giving rise to critical games. This paper delves into the history of commercial digital games, uncovering the pivotal moments where they diverged to spawn art and critical games. The interconnected trajectories of these genres are explored, tracing the roots of art games within the historical and technological development of commercial games. By tracing the evolution of commercial games from their inception to the present day, a chronological framework emerges, providing context for the emergence of art games. This study, which is aligned with doctoral research on Games as an Artistic Medium with a Social Function, examines not only the games themselves but also the consoles and computers that shaped their evolution. This holistic perspective is essential for comprehending the rapid pace of development in this domain, especially given the yearly launch of gaming platforms since 1976. The paper further analyses the interplay between technological evolution and the emergence of novel game systems and genres that incorporate art as a pervasive medium. The inception of digital games marked a transformative shift in interactive media and in art. Art games, characterized by their ability to challenge cultural norms and offer profound social critiques, transcend traditional entertainment, stimulating players’ minds while engaging them in narratives that convey hidden messages. Understanding the trajectory of art games alongside commercial digital games is crucial in acknowledging the evolution of digital media from mere entertainment to a powerful vehicle for meaningful expression. This article delves into this intersection, tracing the historical development of both commercial and art games, thus uncovering their roles in reshaping the perception of games as a form of artistic and critical discourse.

keywords: critical games, technological development, art game, art history