Impact of Powerline Communication Radiation on Human Health

Proceedings of The 6th World Conference on Research in Teaching and Education

Year: 2023



Impact of Powerline Communication Radiation on Human Health

Abba K L ABATCHA, Abdourahimoun DAOUDA and Makinta BOUKAR




The advent of smart grids has created the need for a reliable communication system within conventional power-grids. Communication using PLC (Power-Line Communication) technology is by far the best choice for operators of these smart-grids, because it uses the power lines already in place as a communication medium.
Unfortunately, since the electrical network was not designed for the transport of high-frequency signals, in PLC mode (100kHz-30Mhz) the electrical lines behave like antennas and emit electromagnetic radiation into the environment.
This work is a contribution in the evaluation of the harmfulness of electromagnetic radiation from an electrical distribution line traversed by a PLC signal (Outdoor-PLC) on human health. To do this, interaction between the radiation of an Outdoor-PLC line and a human head have been analyze base of analytical and numerical methods.
This analyze has demonstrate the harmless of long term (Δt> 12hours) exposure to Outdoor-PLC line radiation as the SAR (specific absorption rate) still under 1nW/Kg and the raise of tissue temperature(ΔT) less than 10-5 . It has also given a simplified expression of PLC-line electromagnetic radiation SAR base on Biot-&-Savart law.

keywords: Smart-grids, Power Line Communication, Communication medium, Electromagnetic radiation, SAR