Systematic Approach to Teaching German Grammar after English

Proceedings of The 6th World Conference on Research in Education

Year: 2023



A Systematic Approach to Teaching German Grammar After English

Dubko Irina




The article is devoted to the use of a systematic approach as the main method of teaching grammar of a second foreign language, according to which, conscious language acquisition is fundamental. Analyzing the cognitive model of grammatical competence of students in the first foreign language from the perspective of cognitive science, namely in the form of a semantic network of concepts, categories, prototypes, frames, scenarios and schemes, the features of the formation of grammatical competence in the second foreign language are considered. The article considers the expediency of using a systematic approach in the formation of grammatical skills and abilities in German as a second foreign language after English to activate speech–thinking activity, and as a consequence – to optimize the learning process. The methodology of the system approach covers both objective and procedural vision of the subject of research. The system approach is based on the consideration of an object (in our case, a language) as a system. A system is primarily a combination of elements. This combination is unified by certain features that interact with one other. This interaction is aimed at achieving certain goals. Almost all sciences are built on a principle of systematicity. It is proven that the use of the principle of systematicity is especially advisable when forming grammatical competence in a second foreign language, in particular German after English. Taking into account that grammar is a system, the application of a systematic approach allows one to use a systemic effect. Specifically, as a result of a special re-organization of system elements (grammatical skills, skills of the first foreign language), when the whole (grammatical competence in L2) becomes larger than the simple sum of the parts of the formed grammatical competence in L1.

keywords: system; system approach; grammatical competence; second foreign language