Challenges with Students with Special Needs and Teachers’ Attitudes

Proceedings of The 6th World Conference on Research in Education

Year: 2023



Challenges with Students with Special Needs and Teachers’ Attitudes

Doc. Dr. Ambera DUKA (FERRI), Dr.Drita AVDYLI




The purpose of this study is to analyze the problems that inclusive classes have. Factors affecting inclusive classes as well as the attitudes of teachers in these classes should be seen as a priority since the inclusion of students with special needs in the class unaccompanied by assistant/support teachers significantly increases the difficulties in these classes. The study suggests that the attitudes of teachers in inclusive classes are strongly related to: experience in teaching in these classes, professional development of teachers as well as conditions for adapting teaching depending on the learning abilities of students with disabilities. This study describes some findings related to the analysis of factors that may influence the teaching of inclusive classes. Some of the factors analyzed are continuous training of teachers seen as a necessity, experience in teaching and the necessity of adapting teaching. This study is a quantitative study about the research method. The teachers included in the study are teachers engaged in grades 6-9. The instrument used is STATIC. This study will have a positive effect as a guide for practicing teachers, who develop practice in these classes, who see working with students with disabilities as a challenge in their career.

keywords: students with special needs, training of teachers, experience in teaching