IIIEPE – Design of a digital pedagogy ecosystem for active learning and hybrid teaching

Proceedings of The 6th World Conference on Research in Education

Year: 2023



IIIEPE – Design of a digital pedagogy ecosystem for active learning and hybrid teaching

Lorena Alemán de la Garza,Marcela Georgina Gómez-Zermeño




In an interconnected world, ‘Digital Pedagogy’ promotes new strategies that challenge the educational system, its plans, programs and the teaching itself in the classroom. In this new global scenario, the COVID19 virus revealed the deep deficiencies of the traditional educational models that depend too much on face-to-face teaching strategies. Within this context, the study presented by the Institute for Research, Innovation and Graduate Studies for Education of the State of Nuevo León (IIIEPE), aims to share knowledge about the design of a digital ecosystem that promotes active learning strategies and tools for hybrid teaching. IIIEPE’s mission is to improve practices through teacher development, with a focus on innovation and a clear commitment to social justice for the benefit of children and youth in Mexico. Recognizes that the pedagogical principles and orientations of the New Mexican School strengthen the capacity of students in the use of ICT and emphasize the need to provide teachers with open platforms that contribute to the improvement of educational practices, through the transformation digital. However, it is necessary to understand that our global society has changed and that the current generation is being educated in a world full of digital technologies that shape their daily lives. This requires the digital transformation of educational institutions through the design of new digital pedagogy ecosystems that implement, at the same time and level, the use of technologies in hybrid teaching practices, as well as active learning strategies for students.

keywords: ecosystem, digital pedagogy, active learning, hybrid teaching