Chilean Teachers Addressing Educational Inequities for International Migrant Students in Santa Juana, Chile

Proceedings of The 6th International Academic Conference on Teaching, Learning and Education

Year: 2023



Chilean Teachers Addressing Educational Inequities for International Migrant Students in Santa Juana, Chile

Ana Isabel Mendoza Mardones, Gloria Sanzana Vallejos



The last decade, Chile has multiplied the number of international migrant families living in the country. This new reality, has affected public schools where Chilean teachers have not been prepared to work in intercultural contexts. The literature in the country has been focused in two areas: one, remarking the challenges, racism and classism of elementary teachers working with immigrant students and the literature about practices developed for teachers to create trusting relationship with their international migrant students.
This research aims to gain a better understanding of teachers’ reasons and practices readdressing inequities for international migrant students. A derived goal is continuing the discussion about classism and racism in Chile. A hybrid qualitative method of case study and grounded theory allowed the description of Chilean elementary teachers’ motivations, practices, and representations working with international migrant students.
The finding for Chilean teacher reasons, shows the empathy about context life of their immigrant students, and the vocación for teaching. In addition, teachers claim for the development of welcoming protocols and a major government/school support in their new multicultural classrooms. They focus their practices on the academic area and some of them are beyond the school, visiting students and families. Their practices have a superficial approach far of a critical praxis. Teachers’ representations present the complexity of racism and classism in Chile, with educators aware about the reality and others blinds about its existence. Finally, an actualization of critical theories and a deep reflection about significant practices looking for social justice are necessary in the country.

keywords: Chilean teacher practices, critical theories, immigrant students, racism and classism