Art Didactics and Augmented Reality Application in the PostDigital Era

Proceedings of The 6th International Academic Conference on Teaching, Learning and Education

Year: 2023



Art Didactics and Augmented Reality Application in the PostDigital Era

Dr. Dorotheos Orfanidis



Art didactics play a crucial role in schools by providing a structured framework for teaching and learning about art. Art didactics refer to the methods, strategies, and principles used to teach art in educational settings. This includes not only the technical aspects of creating art but also the broader concepts related to artistic expression, creativity, cultural understanding, and critical thinking. Digital technologies, especially in the post covid and postdigital era, have influenced both the education system in general and the artistic direction. Traditional art methods and materials will always have their place in the curriculum and in art classes. The research question of the paper is how new technologies and applications are reinventing and reshaping art education in the postdigital era. The use and the study of specific artworks is carried out in a way for the multisensory experience of contemporary cultural reality. We present the field application that was applied in the 4th Primary School in the year 2022-2023. The key was to find a true balance with the field art practice and the high-end tech integration. With the field application we noticed that the students were encouraged in critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Students were able to analyze information, make connections between ideas, and approach challenges with a logical and creative mindset. Communication skills was a key outcome. But in the postdigital era, art education continues to bridge the gap between the human experience and the digital world. It empowers individuals to harness technology creatively, engage with complex ideas, and contribute to a society that values both innovation and the richness of human expression. How can we address old school artworks and artistic content in a multimodal way? Can we address a class free lesson in school? With this field application we want to explore how multimodal communication and interaction can be enhanced and extended through the integration of augmented reality technologies, particularly in the fields of education and digital storytelling.

keywords: augmented reality, education, application, arts, didactics