The Brand Observant Consumer: When Do Names in Logos Matter?

Proceedings of The 6th World Conference on Social Sciences and Humanities

Year: 2023



The Brand Observant Consumer: When Do Names in Logos Matter?

Prof. Dr. Jennifer Lemanski, Young Joon Lim




Logos are vital as a quick way to signify brand identity and information to consumers.  In recent years, some brands have eliminated wording or even the brand name from the logo, whether for aesthetic purposes or because their logo has become so universal that they no longer need to include it.  The current study utilized an experiment to determine whether consumers who are low or high in materialism differ in their ability to recall logos with and without brand names. A total of 220 participants were randomly assigned to view either a logo with a brand name or the same logo without a brand name. Chi-square tests uncovered significant differences between consumers who are high and low in materialism and how well they can recall logos with or without brand names.  For consumers high in materialism, recall does not differ between brand logos with and without names.  However, for consumers low in materialism, recall is more likely when a brand logo includes the brand name.  This suggests that different logo designs and strategies be used for consumers of varying materialism levels.

keywords: Logos, Brands, Consumers