The Vocational Manpower Planning and Development for the Major Industry of Thailand

Proceedings of The 6th International Conference on Research in Teaching and Education

Year: 2022



The Vocational Manpower Planning and Development for the Major Industry of Thailand

Dr. Rochana Jantrakool (Sriboonma)



The objective of this research is to survey the general information of the vocational manpower production, to analyze the manpower demand for giving the recommendation. It is a type of descriptive research. The data were collected from specific educational institutions in the field of 5major industries for Thailand new S-Curve. The sample groups were school administrators, teachers, learners and entrepreneurs. The results of this research revealed that the number of students in field of Digital Technology, Petrochemical, Logistics and Robotics & Mechatronics had upward trends. On the contrary, industrial agriculture tended to decline. The administrators had different opinions on management at a statistically significant level at .05 level.  The highest mean of petrochemical group was 3.67. The teachers’ opinions on the efficiency of teaching and learning of all groups agreed that the practice was consistent with the importance of having teacheradministrator meetings to improve teaching regularly. The students’ opinions on teaching effectiveness of petrochemical group had the highest average of 3.68. For the demand trend (2020-2024), the digital technology was the most, followed by aviation and logistics, robotics and biotechnology. The recommendations are as follows: 1) To expand cooperation with international countries focusing on skill development, research and innovation; 2) To encourage the professional qualification system to the ASEAN Qualifications Reference Framework; 3 ) To apply the machine learning method for labor demand plan; and 4) To develop the most important competencies, which are attitudes, emphasizing on accountability followed by skills for learning new things and knowledge on disruptive technology.

keywords: Major industry, Labor demand, Labor supply, Vocational manpower, Vocational education, development