The Impact of Social Support in Tinnitus Patients

Proceedings of The 6th International Conference on Research in Social Sciences

Year: 2022



The Impact of Social Support in Tinnitus Patients

António Vasco de Oliveira, Rute Meneses & Nuno Trigueiros Cunha



The perception of social support, and its satisfaction, is an important aspect that influences the individual’s adherence to treatment, in addition to other factors, which are particularly important in chronic pathologies. The perception of the social support that individual assumes as available in case of need, is equivalent to the individual’s degree of satisfaction regarding their social life and is the subjective dimension of social support, which corresponds to their social network.
There are several psychosocial factors that can interfere with the presence of tinnitus, which can lead to social isolation, intra-family stress, among others. In these situations, satisfaction with social support is an asset for these patients.
The objectives of the present study are to characterize the satisfaction with social support of individuals with tinnitus complaints and to explore its relationship with sociodemographic and clinical variables.
The results obtained show that the satisfaction with social support of the individuals in the sample is at high values, but 19% of them have values ​​below the midpoint of the scale used, Satisfaction with Social Support Scale, and it is important to intervene at this point. It will therefore be important to train with the patient strategies to be used when necessary, and which can be used to sensitize others who are deprived of them.
Excluding gender, in which women are less satisfied with social support, a sociodemographic and/or clinical profile associated with lower satisfaction with social support was not identified, which could be useful in terms of intervention planning at this level.

Keywords: tinnitus, Social Support Satisfaction Scale, social support, gender.