Comparative Study of API Management Solutions

Proceedings of The 6th International Conference on Innovation in Science and Technology

Year: 2019


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Comparative Study of API Management Solutions

Syed Moiz Ali and Tariq Rahim Soomro



The aim of this paper is to perform a comparative study on Application Programming Interface (API) Management Solutions. API acts as the digital glue that links systems, applications, and services together to create influencing customer experiences. They help one rapidly develop interfaces between back-end systems and applications. Sharing these interfaces with their clients and developers can help one open revenue channels, bring new digital services to market and exceed customer expectations. In this paper solutions from the top 5 vendors were studied deeply with the focus on indutsry implementations, common widely used features, famous success stories from these vendors.  Survey was also conducted on the related subject matter. In the end, contradictions and agreements were highlighted between the literature review and survey results.

Keywords: API, APIM, CA, APIGEE, Axway, IBM, Mashrey.