Teaching Culture in the Algerian EFL Classroom

Proceedings of The 6th International Conference on Teaching, Learning and Education

Year: 2023



Teaching Culture in the Algerian EFL Classroom

Snani Nourhane




Language teaching is regarded to be more than feeding a group of letters and grammatical rules to learners. The process of foreign language teaching is mostly viewed as an interactive activity in which learners depend on the established links between the classroom material, the provided text, and the teaching method. Culture as a concept in English Language teaching has been elaborated from multiple perspectives through the years of linguistic research. Its importance and contribution to building language competence has been the main subject of numerous humanist studies. Through the progress of teaching methods and orientation, culture is viewed as a crucial element embedded in the course of foreign language teaching. It gives colour to a provided linguistic structure; this is one of the main arguments why it is important to highlight the foreign language culture. This review summarizes the findings of Algerian researchers exclusively in the forms of scientific articles and conducted theses that cover the existence of culture in the Algerian educational platform. The document analysis was directed by a thematic analysis performed on the data analysis software ATLAS.Ti. The findings resume that EFL culture in textbooks and provided classroom guides is merely related to the small c culture of English-speaking nations, whereas complex notions of culture are usually taught as desired to teachers as some decide to include them and some neglect the cultural aspect of language outside the provided curriculum.

keywords: EFL, cultural-awareness, teaching, learning, classroom