Are Student Teachers Competent in Digital Security Matters?

Proceedings of The 6th International Conference on Teaching, Learning and Education

Year: 2023



Are Student Teachers Competent in Digital Security Matters?

María José Latorre-Medina, Chaimae Tnibar Harrus




Faced with a highly digitized educational view, the training and ICT skills of future teachers, especially in security matters, become a first order issue. According to the theoretical basis/systematic review of the reference frameworks (DigComp, INTEF…), a quantitative research is carried out in the field of initial teacher training. In specific, the purpose of this study focuses on getting to know the perception that student teachers of the Faculty of Education, Economics and Technology of Ceuta at the University of Granada have on the preparation they receive in digital competence during their pre-service training, concretely in cybersecurity. For the development of the study we relied on the descriptive method and we applied a questionnaire of our own titled “Competences for Teaching in the area of Digital Security” (CESD), to which we calculated its psychometric properties. The results obtained, after applying descriptive and inferential statistics tests, have allowed us to find out whether students in preservice really feel competent in digital matters or if they need more theoretical-practical training to become digitally competent, especially in the security area. Above all, this point deserves further reflection since, as it is well known, the higher education institutions must promote in their teacher training programs a training whose major priority has to be the digital security field.

keywords: data protection, digital competence, digital security, statistical analysis, teaching training