A Comparative Case Study of Leadership Dimensions in Higher Education

Proceedings of The 6th International Conference on Teaching, Learning and Education

Year: 2023



A Comparative Case Study of Leadership Dimensions in Higher Education

Dr. Loshni S Govender




Universities are facing numerous challenges and are impacted by different factors which include constrained resources and diverse constituencies with competing demands amongst other extraneous factors. The leadership of universities require a range of competencies to meet changing environmental and contextual challenges. Within this context, the management of contemporary universities are facing demands for effective leadership, which is a core requirement for the effective management of universities.  Effective leadership is also required for the advancement of development and to ensure sustainability of institutions in higher education.  The role of leadership is therefore critical in facilitating the inter-connected linkages between organisational goals, the co-ordination and monitoring of employees output as well as considering stakeholder demands and other extraneous challenges.  In addition to traditional leadership theories and traits, new emerging demands require new dimensions in relation to aspects of managing universities in a disruptive environment, control and oversight that is responsive to the changing environment. The study set out to investigate the impact of leadership dimensions in two contemporary universities. A case study analysis of leadership dimensions at two universities in the Eastern Cape, South Africa was undertaken.  A comprehensive and research university were identified and a mixed method approach utilising both qualitative and quantitative data collection methods.   The findings found that effective transformative leadership is required to advance social justice and sustainability, transformation, diversity and institutional culture, ethical leadership and change in higher education institutions.

keywords: change, institutional culture, social justice, transformation, universities