Perceiving Music – A Basic Musical Activity

Proceedings of The 6th International Conference on Teaching, Learning and Education

Year: 2023



Perceiving Music – A Basic Musical Activity

Smilena Dimitrova Smilkova




The main musical activities involved in music education in preschool and primary school age are: perception (listening); reproduction (performance, interpretation); creativity (improvisation). Perceiving music is a basic musical activity. It is the basis of the other two. Without perceiving (listening to) a piece of music, it is not possible to perform and interpret it or to improvise. The perception of music stimulates and develops the emotionality of the listener, his abstract thinking, his imagery. And in the education of future listeners – children and students – this activity develops musical hearing, memory, thinking, experience, fantasy, imagination. Musical education and upbringing of children in kindergarten and primary school through the activity of perceiving music is a way to discover new, invisible, but tangible worlds. The proposed article covers: a brief overview of the activity perception of music in the Bulgarian school; perception as a mental process and its properties; musical activity perception; the organization and implementation of the perception of music in kindergarten and primary school; the necessary steps of preparation when familiarizing with a new piece of music in preschool and primary school age.

keywords: perception of music, kindergarten, elementary school