Organizational And Legal Support of The National Security Of Modern Russia

Proceedings of The 6th International Conference on Social sciences, Humanities and Education

Year: 2022



Organizational And Legal Support of The National Security Of Modern Russia

Bidova Bela Bertovna



Objective: in the modern Russian state, in the conditions of reforming all spheres of its life, the problem of national security and the mechanism for ensuring it is one of the key ones. The difficult international situation of Russia, the spread of international terrorism, the aggravation of threats to the interests of citizens, society and the state require the development of effective measures aimed at ensuring national security. An important role is also assigned to legal science, which contributes not only to the increment of scientific knowledge on the designated problem, but also to the development of necessary measures to consolidate the legal space, improve legal means to protect sovereignty, respect national interests and prevent threats to the national security of our state. Issues of theory and practice related to ensuring national security require a systematic and integrated approach, including both general theoretical research and achievements of branch sciences, as well as the needs of practice in the interests of the security of the individual, society and the state. They acquire additional relevance in connection with the increase and change of types of security in general, the emergence of new threats and challenges, dynamic changes in the global geopolitical space

Methodology: includes two groups of methods: general scientific and special legal. General scientific methods are represented by: methods of empirical research (observation, comparison, description, etc.); methods of theoretical study (formalization, axiomatic method, hypothetical deductive method, etc.); general logical methods (analysis, generalization, analogy, modeling, etc.). Special legal methods include formal legal, comparative legal and method of interpretation of legal norms.

Conclusions: according to the results of the study of key doctrinal approaches to determining the concept, essence and content of national security, it should be concluded that this concept is the main one in the legal system of Russia. Achieving the state of national security, which is the main goal and essence of the activities of a consistent state structure, determines the key directions of the state’s life in domestic and foreign policy.

Scientific and practical significance:due to the fact that it is a study of the organizational and legal foundations of the essence and content of national security and the mechanism of its provision in modern Russia, the conclusions and generalizations set out in the work can serve as a methodological basis for further study of the problems of national security in general, its essence, content, as well as the mechanism of its provision and increase its effectiveness. The practical significance is determined by its timeliness and relevance, the possibility of using conclusions and proposals to improve conceptual approaches to ensuring Russia’s national security, as well as in law-making and law enforcement practice.

keywords: society, danger, fundamentals of security, national interests, security, national security, ensuring national security.