5 Hacks to Keep Your Virtual Team Engaged & Motivated

Proceedings of The 6th International Conference on Research in Management

Year: 2023



5 Hacks to Keep Your Virtual Team Engaged & Motivated

Alankar Karpe



Organization around the world are adapting to the new styles of working, and a hybrid/remote set up is no longer the once in a month phenomenon for many.
With the changing scenarios, many organizations find themselves wondering where they need to find a solution to everyday business problems while also creating effective & productive work environments for their remote employees.
The responsibility to motivate and keep the team engaged lies with the leaders like us.
Here are some of the hacks, in brief, to keep your remote team motivated, performing & productive.

  • Always stand behind your team member in good and bad times
  • Go and connect, show your face and emotions and allow the team also to show theirs, do not hesitate to connect one on one anytime and any day
  • Provide a platform for each of them to air their thoughts/problems / possible solutions/ways to learn
  • Provide adequate tools which will help them to remain productive
  • Create a culture of trust between the members

keywords: Employee Engagement, Trust, Motivation