How to Enhance Customer Loyalty through Customer Journey Design? Toward Omnichannel Retailing

Proceedings of The 6th International Conference on Research in Management

Year: 2023



How to Enhance Customer Loyalty through Customer Journey Design? Toward Omnichannel Retailing

Li-Wei Wu, Chen-Yu Lin



Customers are looking for new ways to search for shopping information, make a purchase, and connect with retailers. To perform such tasks, they often simultaneously use omnichannel and different touchpoints to complete a single transaction. Despite its significance, existing research on omnichannel retailing remains scarce. Managers should understand the management of omnichannel on customer loyalty. Omnichannel retailers can plan and implement such marketing strategy to ensure perfect coordination and synergy across all channels. In this sense, channel integration should take more priority within the omnichannel context. In other words, channel integration is critical to the success of customer journey design. Besides, ubiquity reflects the physical aspects of mobile apps that are virtually used anytime and anywhere. Perceived ubiquity is likely to result in excellent customer journey design. Meanwhile, utilitarian and hedonic values are the elementary constructs of customer values in the omnichannel retailing environment. Therefore, this study shows that customer journey design constitutes important means for utilitarian and hedonic values during customers’ shopping. This study, in turn, enriches the understanding of how utilitarian and hedonic values affect customer loyalty. The proposed model was tested using a structural equation model that involves LISREL. This study confirms the positive influences of channel integration and perceived ubiquity on customer journey design and the positive impacts of customer journey design on utilitarian and hedonic values. Meanwhile, the findings validate the effects of utilitarian and hedonic values on customer loyalty.

keywords: channel integration, perceived ubiquity, customer journey design, hedonic value, utilitarian value, customer loyalty