Minha Bula: Mobile Application to Transcribes Medicine Leaflets for Patients with Visual Impairment

Proceedings of The 6th International Conference on Modern Approaches in Humanities and Social sciences

Year: 2023

DOI: https://www.doi.org/10.33422/6th.icmhs.2023.03.001


Minha Bula: Mobile Application to Transcribes Medicine Leaflets for Patients with Visual Impairment

Barbara C. Pires, Kleuber A. M. Martins, Anna Z. F. Micheletti, Bruna P. Vilaça, Gabriela C. A. Vale, Gabriela C. Libanio, Lorena A. da Silva, Maria C. A. de Sá, Lígia B. Patto, Luciana C. Tanure, Rafaela R. Rocha, Carolina C. de M. Barcelos, Mariana G. de Melo, Aline P. F. Bambirra, Lorraynne N. O. da Silva, Daniel P. da Costa Filho, Juliana C. Machado, Fernanda M. Ricaldoni, Gabriella R. Ignatos, Anna C. A. de A. Braga, Júlia T. A. de Moura, Larissa M. C. M. Nunes, Fernando R. Dias, Fernanda C. S. Oliveira, Sophia M. G. de Castro, Rafaela T. Pinho, Vitor G. S. Porto, Mathews M. F. M. Gonçalves, Alexandre de C. Brommonschenkel, Ana Theresa S. R. Borges, Gustavo L. A. Cruz,  Braulio R. G. M. Couto, Maria C. C. de Almeida, Flávio H. B. de Souza*, Ricardo Cabral Santiago




Visually impaired people have significant difficulty in following drug treatments, due to the existence of barriers, among them and mainly, the printed leaflets. Therefore, the transcription of this information via mobile solutions is essential for efficiency and follow-up of drug therapies. This research had the main objective of demonstrating the modeling and implementation of an application prototype that aims to expand the access of visually impaired patients to the information contained in drug leaflets, and ensure the effectiveness of the treatment of these people. As a research methodology, the bibliographic review focused on the PubMed portal, in addition to complementary sources, government websites, epidemiological databases and national guidelines, as well as research selected by evaluative criteria in the health and technology areas. Through the application developed, visually impaired people will be able to access the information contained in the drug leaflets duly approved by ANVISA, which will certainly guarantee the necessary analysis for proper and safe use. The project has great potential to optimize care and promote the access of patients with some degree of visual impairment to adherence to safe and accurate treatments and in compliance with SUS’s recommendations.

keywords: Visually Impaired; Mobile Solutions; Social Inclusion; Medicine Leaflets