Technology Adoption in Algerian EFL Classes from University and Private Centres Context

Proceedings of The 6th International Conference on Modern Research in Education, Teaching and Learning

Year: 2023



Technology Adoption in Algerian EFL Classes from University and Private Centres Context

Adila Chihab



Existing research has shown the adoption of technologies to be efficient in facilitating language teaching and learning, particulary in EFL. (Indahsari, 2020; Mohammed,2021). However, the integration of educational technologies to teach EFL is still limited within Algerian education.

(Ladaci ,2017). The aim of this study is to investigate the attitudes and perceptions of EFL teachers from university and private schools context to find out what factors limit the use of educational technology in EFL classes and the challenges that face teachers in integrating those technologies. Mixed methods are used, comprising a questionnaire survey and semi-structured interviews conducted with EFL teachers from university and private schools, as well as private school director. The preliminary findings of this study demonstrate similarities in university and private schools in regard to the commonly used technologies in EFL teaching however, private schools teachers tend to integrate technology tools more than university teachers, as well as they have the necessary technology equipment. The preliminary findings also show that even though there are challenges and circumstances facing university teachers in adopting technologies in Algerian EFL classes, teachers are making great efforts to provide technologies from their own expenses in order to cope with the requirements of this era and meet the learning needs of students from the new generation. This paper will contribute in the understanding EFL teachers’ needs and the development of EFL teaching and learning. Also, some solutions will be suggested to improve technology integration in Algerian education.

keywords: attitudes, challenges, educational technology, EFL teaching, perceptions