Mathematics for gifted students in vocational school in Slovenia

Proceedings of The 6th International Conference on Modern Research in Education, Teaching and Learning

Year: 2023



Mathematics for gifted students in vocational school in Slovenia

Alenka Trpin



Mathematics is a fundamental subject in primary and secondary education that requires students to think deeply and relate known facts to new concepts. Gifted students often stand out in their ability to think critically and creatively, ask insightful questions, and provide advanced answers. To support their intellectual growth, it is important to provide them with opportunities to further develop their abilities. At the Secondary School of Mechanical Engineering, we offer additional mathematics lessons to our students that cover topics not included in the regular curriculum. In these lessons, I introduce modern teaching methods, such as the use of i-textbooks and various free applications available on the internet. I also encourage cooperative learning by assigning pair work activities. Additionally, I introduce mathematical modelling as a tool to apply mathematical concepts and solve real-life problems. Overall, by providing opportunities for gifted students to further develop their mathematical abilities, we can help them reach their full potential and prepare them for success in their academic and professional careers.

keywords: i-textbooks, mathematical modelling, work activities, intellectual growth, curriculum