The Impact of Co-Creation Complexity on Business Performance: A Case Study

Proceedings of The 6th International Conference on Advanced Research in Management, Business and Finance

Year: 2023



The Impact of Co-Creation Complexity on Business Performance: A Case Study

Aušra Pacevičiūtė



This paper aims to provide insights into the development and management of a co-creation complexity process on business performance. Companies need to enhance corporate performance by stimulating the links between different stakeholder engagement and co-creation model. Based on a systematic literature review of 98 articles and books (1987–2022), this paper presents a discussion that co-creation complexity is a new way for businesses to develop and engage communities. The research focuses on a hospitality industry and explores how the level of complexity in co-creation initiatives influences various aspects of business performance, including financial outcomes, customer satisfaction, and competitive advantage. The findings reveal that co-creation complexity significantly affects business performance. The case study highlights the challenges and benefits associated with different levels of co-creation complexity, stimulates innovation, encourages stakeholder engagement, and enhances the ability to meet diverse customer needs. The study provides valuable insights for practitioners seeking to engage in co-creation initiatives effectively. It emphasizes the importance of carefully managing co-creation complexity to maximize the benefits and minimize the associated challenges.

keywords: co-creation, complexity, business performance