Energy Strategies Related Innovations and Their Possible Regulation

Proceedings of The 6th International Conference on Advanced Research in Management, Business and Finance

Year: 2023



Energy Strategies Related Innovations and Their Possible Regulation

Dr. Zsófia Biró



My research deals with the regulatory background of innovational technologies and concepts within the EU and national energy strategies, with a focus on energy communities, EV charging networks and hydrogen management. A common feature of these areas is that – whether we look at the EU or national level – we find almost exclusively a regulatory framework, which is not sufficient for the spread of innovations in the energy sector. The constant problem is that regulation is always a step backward related to technological development and this way it holds back the latter. Regulatory sandboxes have been invented to overcome this, but unfortunately, they are still in their “infancy” and only a few Western European countries can really benefit from their positive impact. In my presentation I would like to shed a light on the main areas of the energy sector which are currently under regulatory reconsideration and where regulatory sandboxes must be implemented to create synergies between technological innovations and regulation.  

keywords: energy communities, hydrogen, regulatory sandbox, EV charging networks, energy regulation