A Meta-Analysis of Satisfaction in Mobile Banking

Proceedings of The 6th International Conference on Advanced Research in Management, Business and Finance

Year: 2023



A Meta-Analysis of Satisfaction in Mobile Banking

Poonam Kumar, Sumedha Chauhan



Given the prominence of satisfaction in m-banking towards the adoption of m-banking, researchers have shown significant interest in investigating it. Present study has employed meta-analysis technique and reviewed 54 published studies to investigate the antecedents and consequences of satisfaction in m-banking. The meta-analysis has assessed the relationship of quality factors (service quality, system quality, information quality), technology acceptance factors (performance expectancy, effort expectancy, facilitating conditions), credibility factors (trust, perceived security and privacy), and behavioural outcomes (actual use, continuance intention, loyalty) with satisfaction in m-banking. The study found all the relationships to be supported. Additionally, it found the partial moderating influence of economy type, innovation level, connectivity level, and sample size on all the relationships of interest. Finally, the study also provides significant implications for theory and practice.

keywords: Meta-Analysis, Mobile Banking, Satisfaction