The Impact of Climate Change on Human Resource Management in The Middle East Regions in The Future

Proceedings of The 6th International Conference on Advanced Research in Management, Business and Finance

Year: 2023



The Impact of Climate Change on Human Resource Management in The Middle East Regions in The Future

Abdulkarim Aref Ghariba



The world is going through a period of tidal transformations, which have contributed to changing many concepts, methods and methods of managing human resources within organizations, and just as technology has a fundamental role in these transformations, it is also clear that climate change has a role in these transformations, and we can say that it will not be It is possible to manage human resources now without talking about this aspect, just as modern technology has brought about a great change in the workforce today, climate change will also lead to a great change in the workforce of tomorrow.
Climate change has environmental effects and consequences, so the change of resources, for example, the decline in agricultural production in some areas will lead to the migration of part of the labor force in agriculture and the transfer of another part to other jobs, and thus increase frictional unemployment, and higher temperatures in other areas, It is one of the sources of clean energy, but it also carries negative psychological and physical effects that lead to a decrease in productivity among workers and a change in their behavior.
The question here is what is the problem of human resources that organizations will face due to climate change? How do we deal with it?
Through the research, we are trying to answer this question by using previous research and studies of organizations and countries interested in the effects of climate change, which the research found to find some solutions such as the use of technology and attention to the psychological and physical aspects of the worker.

keywords: Human Resource Management, Climate change, labor migration, Labor force productivity