Study of the Emotional Impact Of  COVID-19 on Teachers of Public Educational Institutions

Proceedings of The 6th International Conference on Future of Teaching and Education

Year: 2022



Study of the Emotional Impact Of  COVID-19 on Teachers of Public Educational Institutions

Patricia Haydeé Cárdenas Ayala, Luis Alberto Rodríguez de los Ríos , Anselmo Magallanes Carrillo, Fernando Antonio Flores Limo, William Eberth Ríos Zegarra



The objective of this paper was to identify the level of emotional impact by covid-19: anger, fear, anxiety, stress and depression in teachers of public educational institutions, appointed and contracted, aged between 23 and 62 years (M = 47.59, SD = 9.33), female (79%, 362) male (21%, 95), the study corresponds to the non-experimental comparative cross-sectional design. Applied instrument questionnaire considered 15 items sent through the Google forms format. Study sample 457 teachers who responded to the PIE COVID-19 instrument; Through the scores obtained from psychometric instruments, comparisons were made with groups of people based on demographic characteristics that are recorded about them. Data processing was organized and systematized based on the use of SPSS version 25 software. The results reflected the normality analysis of the scores of the study variables that do not present a fit to the normal distribution. In the investigation it has been possible to identify that the participating teachers of the male gender, as well as those of the female gender, of the study sample reach similar scores in the emotional impact profile. As for anger, resentment and fear, they are located at a moderate level and anxiety, stress and depression are located at a low level. However, fear and stress are increased in their respective levels compared to the other dimensions of the profile. The increase corresponds to female participants.

Keywords: Impact, emotional, education covid 19.