Covid-19 Emphasize That Self Attainment Is the Biggest Achievement

Proceedings of The 6th International Conference on Future of Teaching and Education

Year: 2022



Covid-19 Emphasize That Self Attainment Is the Biggest Achievement

Indu Ray



Is the Corona pandemic over or it will continue in 2022? One of the most important questions of this digital age. The lockdown during the corona pandemic has served as a good time for introspection. The most important thing people learned as a result of quarantine is how to appreciate the small things in life and do self-realization. The magic so often lies in the small things. The mood for 2021, where the ongoing state of the Pandemic has become the new normal, is self realization.  It is the time of reinventing, what we want to do. If Covid-19 hadn’t come? Reflecting on that does not count. What do we want to do when it is over? Nor does this. Change happens in the present-now. Hence do we need to learn something new, or is it enough to give loved things more time? For a long time there has been the image of the scholar who surrenders to thinking and becomes creative. Sometimes, we have to distance ourselves in order to be able to look at a problem from a different angle or to find ourselves. Even if the dictionary defines “alone” and “lonely” as synonyms, most people differentiate between being alone and loneliness. The word ‘alone’ implies a positive outcome whereas ‘lonely’, negative. Self-realization changes our thoughts and feelings, affecting not only our choice of profession but all areas in which we express ourself. We sometimes spend more time in planning our future courses of action rather than enjoying the present status. Hence it is imperative that we get rid of the non meaningful things in our life and commit ourselves more to what matters most. What is more important like health, personal growth, career, finance, family, social life etc. We know ourselves as the person we aspire to be, not the person we are in the present- but it is essential to understand ourselves at a deeper level to achieve maximal potential and lead to self improvement and increased self-esteem.

Realization of self is rediscover ® of our

E- eternal Soul, A- Action, L- Learning method , I-Instinct , Z- Zest , A-Attitude , T-task , I-Intellect, O-Opinion, N-Noteworthy

keywords: Self-realization, Goal, volition, Self-fulfilment needs, Basic needs, Psychological needs.