Women’s Struggles in Algeria: The Unfinished Battle

Proceedings of The 6th International Conference on Future of Social Sciences

Year: 2023



Women’s Struggles in Algeria: The Unfinished Battle

Dr. Wafaa Taleb




Since its independence, Algeria has experienced many social and political transformations. However, many of the female figures behind these movements have been relegated to historical obscurity. The factors that have shaped the activism of Algerian women make it possible to grasp the weight that Algerian women carry, the determination that drives them in their protest and the challenges that remain for them to overcome. However, between intergenerational transmission, historical and religious context, Algerian feminism continues to evolve, but it comes up against a still unequal society. The recent protest movement of 2019; the Hirak, has resurrected a challenge that has not been equalled for decades. This revolutionary momentum emerged to demand more freedom and true democracy for the Algerian people and women were an integral part of the mosaic of this movement. This article aims to explore the roots of the Algerian feminist movement, its evolution through Algerian history, and its presence and demands during the Hirak. It further explores the connections between Hirak and feminism and how the two can be a movement with a common goal.

Keywords: feminism, Hirak, history, protest, struggle