Undergraduate ESOL in Critical Thinking classes in Florida colleges for profit: Art-based Research

Proceedings of The 6th International Conference on Research in Education, Teaching and Learning

Year: 2023



Undergraduate ESOL in Critical Thinking classes in Florida colleges for profit: Art-based Research

Aleksandar Chonevski, MS., Ph.D., (ABD)




This paper explores how international non-native English-speaking (ESL) students reflect within a contemporary critical thinking class using visual-art methods in Florida colleges for profit. When teaching English as a second language (TESL), the ESL students and international college teachers have a lack of experience with gun control in our democratic culture. Taking action through the window of ‘art’ learnification is essential for undergraduate business students in Florida colleges for-profit to play a significant role in data research shaping their applied ‘experiences’ from theory and reflection. International students anticipate and reflect advanced knowledge of social change issues in the Thinking Critical classroom with art-based action in the classroom and traditional qualitative approaches. The purpose of the Wynwood art-field trip was for ESL to develop dialogue, learn new skills, and develop an ability to validate their own beliefs that students may better understand democratic perceptions and beliefs about gun control in the USA. These international undergraduate students in colleges for profit in Florida classrooms represent a portion of the vulnerable group whose commitment is to build their identity’ arm to arm’ with native English-speaking students by collaborating and participating with an art-based approach when studying their own perceptions and beliefs about gun control in critical thinking classes. These art-based action methods engage ESOL students’ comprehension in their process to better understand the center-service curriculum with extracurricular field trips that describe the Wynwood Wall pictures from the art-curator perspective in collaboration with college student’s discussions. This purpose of visual fieldwork art described experiences in narrative and provides information with epistemological and ontological events. The participants are 15 international non-native English classroom students with a business major who became motivated to think critically and incorporate self-creativity and self-reflection when learning real-world problems about gun control using the art-based approach. The student’s reflection was able to clarify and unfold their own ideas so that their collaborative workshop findings enabled them to create poster collages of gun control. Undergraduate college students, in their communal findings, concluded that gun control is not simple enough. These students decided that many worldwide protests concerning gun control were meaningfully ineffective.

keywords: Art-based Research, Corroboration, Thinking Critically, Reflexivity