Postural and Balance Evaluation in 19-20 Years Old Adolescents

Proceedings of The 6th International Conference on Research in Education, Teaching and Learning

Year: 2023



Postural and Balance Evaluation in 19-20 Years Old Adolescents

Dr. Andis Bogdani, Dr. Genti Pano




Main purpose of this study was to evaluate posture and balance in in 19-20 years old adolescents. A total of 72 subjects (28 females & 44 males), students of Sports University of Tirana participated in this study. Postural screening, included 4 digital photography (anterior view, right lateral view, posterior view, left lateral view) and postural evaluation using with Posture Screen Mobile App. Subjects underwent a balance test in standing position for 10 seconds (BT (Balance Test) on the Leonardo Mechanography Platform). Results showed that unequal shoulder level was the most typical posture issue, followed by a forward head posture and a hip inclination. The horizontal and vertical head alignments, the heel angle, and the vertical alignment of the trunk all showed different variances between the right and left body sides. Balance evaluation results compared with normative data, showed that the CoF (Center of Force) values emerged in the elliptical area had typical values. Findings of this study can help physical therapists to develop more adequate exercise intervention programs for posture and balance improvements.

keywords: adolescents, balance, center of force, evaluation, posture