The Bibliometric Analysis of Interior Design/Architecture Education

Proceedings of The 6th International Conference on Research in Education, Teaching and Learning

Year: 2023



The Bibliometric Analysis of Interior Design/Architecture Education

Meryem Geçimli




Interior design/architecture education includes both theoretical and applied courses such as sketching, modelling, computer aided, history, ergonomics, etc. On the other hand, design researchers have been developing and applying new techniques and innovative approaches. Collecting and evaluating these studies is very important for a holistic perspective. In recent years, there has been a substantial surge in scientific research. As a result, it became increasingly difficult to manage such large quantities of data, to identify the most significant works, and to evaluate their influence. Bibliometric analysis employs a quantitative approach to characterize and assess published works. It provides a straightforward and organized procedure. This study aims to contribute to the relevant body of knowledge by investigating studies on interior design/architecture education. 121 studies obtained from the Web of Science database were evaluated within the scope of bibliometric analysis. These studies are comprised of 65 proceedings and 49 articles. In this study Biblioshny was used for conceptual end social structure analyses.

keywords: conceptual structure, co-citation network, co-occurrence network, thematic evaluation, collaboration network