“Online Communication Tools in Creating Relationships with A Young Consumers in Poland, Croatia and China”

Proceedings of The 6th International Conference on Business, Management and Economics

Year: 2022



“Online Communication Tools in Creating Relationships with A Young Consumers in Poland, Croatia and China”

Magdalena Kowalska



Technological progress and more common access to the Internet provide companies with many new opportunities, including in the area of ​​e-marketing. The effectiveness of activities undertaken by companies, including those in a virtual environment, often depends on the proper matching of the tools used to the target group. The main goal of the article is to identify the most important online communication tools for creating relationships with young consumers in three culturally and technologically different countries – Poland, Croatia and China.

The research was conducted in 2019-2021, using CATI methods, on the research sample N = 1737, in three countries: Poland (N = 472), Croatia (N = 523) and China (N = 742). The study analyzed selected online communicational tools that were classified into five groups regarding: 1.the value and convenience for the customer, 2. security and trust, 3. consumer service, 4. belonging and engage, 5. added value.

Tools qualified for each of the groups have been tested in terms of weight, which the respondents attributed to them in creating relationships between them and the company. This allowed to indicate which of the online communication tools is the most important by this segment of clients in individual countries. The findings highlight differences in the expectations of young people depending on the country, which indicates necessity conducting international research.

The results presented in the article are a valuable source of knowledge for practical implications for companies operating in the segment of young consumers in order to select the best online communication tools with these clients in Poland, Croatia and China.

keywords: Young Consumers, Digital Marketing, Online Marketing, Online Communication Tools, Online Relationship.