Fashioning Management: Planning A Costume and Fashion Collection

Proceedings of The 6th International Conference on Business, Management and Economics

Year: 2022



Fashioning Management: Planning A Costume and Fashion Collection

Xénia Flores Ribeiro



This essay aims to share a reflexion on the relation between museum collections, management practices and fashion documentation. Collections management is a core practice and concern in museums. Museums are nowadays seen not only as places for objects, but also as archives of memory and information, creating knowledge by preserving, studying, and documenting their collections. It is vital to define all principles and policies for a better planning and efficiency regarding collections management procedures: acquisition, accession, registration, cataloguing, care, use, storage, and exhibition. The development of collections management policies and related documents is therefore essential for museums to pursue their mission as places of memory, history, investigation, and communication. Particularly in fashion museums, textile and dress objects have different requirements regarding their preservation, documentation, and exhibition. Costume collections in their social, historical, cultural, and economical values have material and immaterial meanings that motivate all activities within museums. How can museums better promote those activities by an effective planning and execution of collections management policies?

keywords: collections management, documentation, costume collections, inventory, museums.