Game based learning “Human Body” in Greek Primary School students

Proceedings of The 6th International Conference on Advanced Research in Teaching and Education

Year: 2022



Game based learning “Human Body” in Greek Primary School students

Dimitris Anastasopoulos, George Sarafoglou, Eleni Tsami



The aim of this study is to make “the human body” more friendly to primary school students. Distance game – based teaching is not familiar to Schools (teachers and students). This survey is an innovation for the Greek Education and makes a teaching proposal in this field. The proposal is about “the human body” and how children 6-12 years old learn to use them in their everyday life. It is known that children in these ages of 6-12 years are not familiar enough with the human body. The game is designed by a large trans-disciplinary research team from different Universities in Greece. The research team consists of mathematicians, geologists, physicists, chemists, computer scientists, doctors and biologists. The game – based teaching guides children to learn with fun and solve problems in all school subjects, this study focus in “Human Body”. The teaching proposal is based on the students’ books of the primary school. The primary school students prefer the game-based learning, they learn easily and pleasantly. It is initial research that started in 2021 and will be completed in 2023. The aim is to expand to all levels of education and to become the main teaching method for all students in schools.

Keywords: Game-based learning, problem solving, primary education, human body.