Consent And Appropriation of Women

Proceedings of The 6th International Conference on Advanced Research in Social Sciences

Year: 2023



Consent And Appropriation of Women

Debbie Lalrinawmi, Dr. Shuchi





Colette Guillaumin’s theory of appropriation tells that men appropriate women which let them define women as objects. She suggests that the fundamental aim of patriarchy is appropriation where men regarded women as resources for their own benefit without the need of their consent. Consent is a significant concept in mainstream feminism. It gives women choices and power. Therefore, consent is powerful and performs in many different ways. There are times when consent is forced and it has been often questioned. Then there are the affirmative results of consent. However, using Guillaumin’s concept of appropriation and Gene Sharp’s theory of power as theoretical framework, this paper studies how male chauvinism treated women as objects and took their consent away through a Mizo short story An Account of the Courting That Never Took Place, written by Zirsangkima and translated in English by Josephine Lalbiakzuali. Therefore, consent has become more and more significant concept in the realm of gender studies and has its effects on individual as well as communities. This study is a representation of women in a patriarchal setting whose consent has been neglected and whose voices have been inaudible.

keywords: Consent, appropriation, women, patriarchy, literature