Music Therapy- An Intervention on Substance Users

Proceedings of The 6th International Conference on Advanced Research in Social Sciences

Year: 2023



Music Therapy- An Intervention on Substance Users

Dr. Tinni Dutta





Rabindranath Tagore has taught mankind how to move forward in life in the midst of unhappiness, sorrows and crises. His enormous devotional songs enable us to rise above the strife and strain, joy and pain, complexities of day-to-day life. Keeping these in view an intervention was called for substance user in a residential treatment center in Kolkata, India.   After the phase of detoxification, rapport was established with them. Mental Status Examination was conducted. Mood and affect was noted. Then selected Rabindra Sangit(Tagore’s songs) were played, interpretations were explained. It was continued for three weeks. Again, Mental Status Examination was done. Marked qualitative changes were recorded. Positive thoughts embrace with positive emotions make their life beautiful and worthwhile. They achieve clarity and relief. In other words of Tagore, it can be said overriding all my obstacles flower will bloom. They learn grief cannot be put to an end. They gain consolation each time they confront with grief. Substance users are able to enhance tremendous capacity for endurance. Tagore’s songs enable them to transmute their personal destiny into the destiny of mankind and to find a refuge from every peril and to outlive the longest night.

keywords: Psychology, Psycho analysis, Music Therapy, Mental health, Psychodynamic