Law Online Gender Violence Prevention Learning Management Beware of Violence

Proceedings of The 6th International Conference on Advanced Research in Social Sciences

Year: 2023



Law Online Gender Violence Prevention Learning Management Beware of Violence

Prof. Dr. Esti Royani





Online gender-based violence (KBGO) places women as a victim through the internet by means of transmitting or distribute the victim’s digital data. Material element the act against the law does not change even though it is internet means, for example through insults, blackmail, threats violence. The motives of the perpetrators include hurt, revenge, wanting to get material benefits. The consequences for the victim KBGO can be in the form of psychological harm (depression, suicidal ideation), social alienation (shame, does not want to associate with anyone), economic loss (because of being unemployed due to closing themselves), limited mobility (loss of ability to move freely and participate in online/offline activities), self-censorship access to information, electronic services, and communications social/professional). To prevent women from becoming KBGO is through non-penal and penal efforts. Non-penal efforts between other socialization to the community about the negative impact, education for women to be wise in using social media, no create and save text, images, photos and videos contains elements of SARA and decency. Penal effort taken by providing strict legal sanctions against the perpetrators KBGO Even so with their educational staff in charge of carrying out the administration, management, development, supervision and technical services to support the educational process in the education unit universities in internal and external aspects. As for the strategy is to improve the scientific culture of the trend digital learning and virtual-based services.

keywords: Management, Virtual, E- learning