Measuring Transport Efficiency for Three Seas Initiative Countries

Proceedings of The 6th International Conference on Advanced Research in Social Sciences and Humanities

Year: 2022



Measuring Transport Efficiency for Three Seas Initiative Countries

Fazıl Gökgöz, Engin Yalçın



Urban cities have grown recently as a result of the economic development of developing nations. For the businesses themselves as well as the broader economic system, the efficiency of the transportation system is a critical component. Through advanced technology, road transportation provides an eco-friendlier, more efficient, and safer future. The foundation of social and economic development is the transportation system, which also significantly affects the advancement of the national economy and the standard of life in societies. Developing the transportation industry helps developed countries’ economies grow quickly, but it also has a negative influence on society and the environment, causing pollution and energy waste. Nearly one-third of all energy used worldwide is used by the transportation industry. In today’s mobile world, transportation is a crucial component of the European Union’s economy. The European Union’s transport strategy aims to promote efficient, safe, and sustainable transportation across Europe, Hence, it is important to evaluate the transportation efficiency of three seas initiative countries, which is a sub-group in the European Union. We measure the transportation sector efficiency in the Three Seas Initiative countries via the Data Envelopment Analysis. As per analysis results, Austria is found to be the most successful country in the investigated group.

keywords: Transportation Efficiency, DEA, Three Seas Initiative Countries