Arabic Anthology Linguistic Engineering Basis

Proceedings of The 6th International Academic Conference on Research in Social Sciences

Year: 2023



Arabic Anthology Linguistic Engineering Basis

Prof. Ali Boualam, Prof. Nisrine El Hannach




This scientific intervention aims to raise the problem of the automatic processing of natural languages. Especially at its levels related to ontological studies, as a scientific challenge to enable the machine to recognize information and invest it accurately, beyond the constraints of semantic ambiguity. This would not be possible without relying on a linguistic engineering basis in the contextual detection process, which is based on a hybrid approach that combines both statistical and linguistic methods. It is an approach that falls within the context of platform linguistics, or what is termed “fourth-generation linguistics”, which is a natural outgrowth of the digital revolution, and its horizontal extension in various domains and fields of knowledge, thus establishing a new indicative model in which platforms with linguistic and computer bases interact within its formats. In this context, the associative aspects that fall within the compositional linguistic perceptions are a focal point in operating research operations that fall within the automatic processing of natural language, given the nature of its theoretical and methodological architecture with an empirical inductive basis. It also enables the building of computer platforms by preparing morphological, synthetic, semantic, and pragmatic analyzers. Investing in the advanced technological tools provided by the artificial intelligence system, especially in its aspects related to machine learning, deep learning, and neural network; will enable the provision of a linguistic platform capable of developing paths of teaching the Arabic language to non-native speakers.

keywords: Automatic processing of natural languages, artificial intelligence, linguistics platform, ontology, teaching Arabic to non-native speakers