Suffering of Sibling

Proceedings of The 6th International Academic Conference on Humanities and Social Sciences

Year: 2021


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Suffering of Sibling

Nooshin Mohajerin



When human finds being and sees some eyes watching inside self, trying to care with affection and love. Beside parents, the most closed kindred and consanguinity, is brother and sister; that life finds meaning with them. The unconscious love between them, that has its roots in consanguinity; having the same parents, growing up together and being matured in the same family, while it has carried the unwanted suffering; the suffer of loving and  being loved. The sibling relationship seems to be either white or black. Surprisingly, it has not a moderate trend; neither in this relationship seems a sweet suffering as love, forgiveness and sacrifice, nor the bitter suffering that triggers pain. Moreover, to be suffered eventually ends in grudge, jealousy, bloodshed and revenge. This subject has an old long background in the arena of literature. The most ancient stories involving the above is about Abel and Cain. Joseph’s story tells about the action of the father-Jacob- loving his youngest son more than the others that the growing jealousy and finally the grudge of brothers to the small son, leads to the murder of the brother. There are two kinds of siblings in King Lear; a tragedy written by William Shakespeare in 1606. According to Shahnameh there are some stories about sibling primarily with a common message. In all stories the roll of parents, especially father, is very important resulting to aggravate jealousy and grudge.

keywords: sibling, Jealousy, grudge, love, parents.