Promoting Gender Issues through a Multidisciplinary Collaborative International Online Learning Experience

Proceedings of the 6th International Academic Conference on Education, Teaching and Learning

Year: 2023



Promoting Gender Issues through a Multidisciplinary Collaborative International Online Learning Experience

Lucrezia Crescenzi-Lanna, Williams Contreras-Higueras, Valerio Pieri, Marta Ruiz, SILVIA Cataldi




The purpose of this paper is to describe the innovative experiences of Spanish and Italian teachers and students from four European universities who are collaborating to develop a multidisciplinary study in the fields of sociology, psychology, social education, and economics providing new knowledge on a specific dimension of gender violence: economic violence. Through the COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning) methodology, which ended in November 2022, university students explored the social and cultural origin of economic violence and the daily exposure to economic inequality in the domestic sphere, while also studying the treatment of economic violence in terms of both prevention and the responses offered by anti-violence centres from both organizational and social perspectives. A secondary aim of the paper is to present the results of the student’s evaluations, which includes their perceptions and self-assessment of their knowledge about issues before and after participating in TESORO, the impact on the development of competences and skills, and their satisfaction with the whole experience. Methodology: the instrument is a self-administered questionnaire that measures perceptions and opinions about the learning experience of fourteen students from the four universities, which also participated in the dissemination and transfer of results. Likert scales and open-ended questions were used for the items. Results: A comparison (t-test) was conducted, and all items that refer to perceived changes (before and after the experience) showed significant differences (p < .01). Discussion: students who have participated in the COIL project and dissemination tasks have acquired great knowledge and understanding of the phenomenon being studied.

keywords: COIL, gender perspective, teaching innovation