Comparing Pupils’ Learning Skills and Learning Styles across Cultures

Proceedings of The 6th International Academic Conference on Education

Year: 2023



Comparing Pupils’ Learning Skills and Learning Styles across Cultures

Maneerat Sa-ngiemjit, María Antonia Manassero Mas, Ángel Vázquez Alonso




Learning skills and styles are a global innovation collaboration that brings to life the revolutionary notion of deep learning as conceptualized by global educational reform experts. This study aimed to look into students’ learning styles and skills in secondary schools across different societies and cultures. 101 students participated in this study, 50 students from Spain, and 51 from Thailand. The tools used for the learning skills had 30 items, with a reliability value of 0.82. The 42-item learning styles questionnaire had a reliability score of 0.97. This finding discovered that Asian and European pupils in various civilizations and cultures had distinct learning styles. In contrast, although the students are from different cultures and environments, they had similar learning skills. After one semester, the students in both countries showed considerable improvements in their learning skills. This implies that culture influenced learning styles but not learning skills and that instructors at school had an important role in activating students’ learning skills.

keywords: learning skills, learning styles, global educational, secondary school