Agents of Change: Teachers as Policy makers – A Case for Q-method

Proceedings of The 6th International Academic Conference on Education

Year: 2023



Agents of Change: Teachers as Policy makers – A Case for Q-method

Prof. Dr. Thiru Vandeyar




The present study set out to determine how Q methodology may be used as an inclusive education policy development process. Utilising Q-methodology as a strategy of inquiry this qualitative instrumental case study set out to explore how teachers, as a crucial but often neglected human resource, may be included in developing policy. A social constructivist lens, and the theoretical moorings of Proudford’s emancipatory approach to educational change anchored in teachers’ ‘writerly’ interpretation of policy text was employed. Findings suggest that Q-method is a unique research approach to include teachers’ voices in policy development. Second, that beliefs, attitudes, and professionalism of teachers to improve teaching and learning using ICT are integral to policy formulation. The study indicates that teachers have unique beliefs about what statements should constitute a school’s information and communication (ICT) policy. Teachers’ experiences are an extremely valuable resource in   and should not be ignored in the policy formulation process.

keywords: Teachers, Q-methodology, education policy, ICT