Factors Associated with Dropping Out of Higher Education

Proceedings of The 6th International Academic Conference on Education

Year: 2023



Factors Associated with Dropping Out of Higher Education

Samuel Galdón-López, Oswaldo Lorenzo-Quiles, Lucía Herrera-Torres, Ana Lendínez-Turón, José Manuel Ortiz-Marcos




This study was carried out as part of the ICT innovation for the analysis of the training and satisfaction of students and graduates of degrees in early childhood and primary education and the assessment of their employers. A transnational perspective project, reference B-SEJ-554-UGR20 (2021-2023). Financed by the FEDER Andalusia 2014-2020 Operational Program (R+D+i projects).” Dropout is one of the problems that the university education system has to face every year. The educational community is involved in the reasons for its trajectory as a social problem, which does not exempt any student in the world. Its study and improvement of the education system is a key element in changing the course of university dropout and alleviating its rapid growth in society. Methodology: Using a quantitative and qualitative methodology, an attempt is made to provide answers to the objectives pursued by the research. Objectives: to analyses student satisfaction; to specify the causes of dropout and to determine the most appropriate authors on dropout by means of literature and different databases. Conclusions: It is concluded that, are five main major components would be behind university dropout: student adaptation, personality, socio-economic level, teacher-student relationship and quality in university education. With them come certain sub-causes that must be taken into account for a better understanding of the reasons for university dropout, such as demotivation, low self-esteem, frustration, pregnancy, among others, reasons why their study is essential for their future eradication.

keywords: higher education, university dropout, retention, university community, students