ICT in Education UK: Benefits and Challenges

Proceedings of The 6th International Academic Conference on Education

Year: 2023



ICT in Education UK: Benefits and Challenges

Yasser Ouda




The presentation sheds light on the benefits and challenges of ICT education in the UK. ICT education supports collaboration between schools, and universities and helps develop skills that equip learners. There are many benefits and advantages to ICT education. It gives teachers and students access to learning resources from across the world and brings these resources into the classroom. Also, it helps teachers to create their own online environment that is accessible anytime anywhere. For example, the learning management system platforms and the support they offer for teachers and learners. The use of ICT in education enhances interaction and increases student engagement and makes learning accessible anytime, anywhere, improves and enhances peer support and collaboration between students, and most importantly decreases teacher paperwork and minimizes the use of printed resources. However, certain challenges still exist, for example, the idea of how to provide effective Labs and practical learning in certain courses. This is often present in computer science practical skills that are needed for students. For instance, students need simulators, emulators, IDEs, and programming language support remotely and through web-based virtual learning environments and learning management systems. The presentation features some solutions and best practices to be used and implemented in ICT education.

keywords: ICT, Education, UK; Learning Management system, Simulators