Are New Learning Methodologies More Successful Than Traditional Ones?

Proceedings of The 6th International Academic Conference on Education

Year: 2023



Are New Learning Methodologies More Successful Than Traditional Ones?

Prof. Dr. Joana Fernandes




In recent years, many higher education institutions (HEI) have followed different teaching and assessment methodologies. This was based in recent research regarding some HEI from Europe that developed a different approach for the students to learn, the teachers to teach and to evaluate their knowledge.
However, after the initial interest, did the new methodologies that were implemented maintained along the years? And what about the students results with this new learning methods?
This paper describes the study conducted in a Portuguese HEI, following a qualitative approach. In this study, eight teachers that had a European training to understand, know and implement this new methodologies, were interviewed to understand their position regarding this, after five years of the implementation.
The results, based on a thematic content analysis, suggest that the teachers believe the students have low maturity to deal with such a responsibility to pursue the knowledge by themselves and not be oriented by a teacher and have lower results when compared to traditional learning methods. These results reflect some international results regarding European students with traditional learning methods and other methodologies.
As a result, there are more aspects to consider and not only follow the trend when it regards to students learning process.

keywords: new methodologies, students’ results, teachers’ assessment traditional learning