Exploration of Effective Leadership of Nurse Administrator in Geriatric Health Service Facilities

Proceedings of The 6th International Academic Conference on Management and Economics

Year: 2023



Exploration of Effective Leadership of Nurse Administrator in Geriatric Health Service Facilities

Chiharu Miyata, Hidenori Arai




In recent years, Geriatric Health Service Facilities (GHSFs) has seen an increase in the number of residents who are dependent on medical care along with the aging society, and the needs of residents are also evolving. To manage these changes, nursing administrators are expected to assume leadership roles. However, the literature on “experience-based leadership” in geriatric care is limited. Therefore, the aim of this study is to elucidate effective leadership styles of nursing administrators in GHSF. We conducted qualitative exploratory descriptive research with semi-structured interviews. Eight nurse managers of GHSFs were selected by intentional sampling. Interview guides were established by researchers as follows: “What do you think are the basic responsibilities of nurse managers?”, “What is the most important requirement for nurse managers in GHSFs, “Please retrospect and tell us about successful or unsuccessful experiences of demonstrating your management and leadership” and “How do you deal with issues among medical staff?” We reviewed the transcriptions and constructed tables of code categories based on the actual words or phrases (meaning units) followed by independently identified themes that represented one or more code categories and specific quotations that represented each code category. All the interviewees were women, with a mean age of 44.6. Four themes emerged based on the data: vision, autonomous behaviors, respect for personhood, and Leader in the multidisciplinary care team. Nurse Managers in GHSFs are expected to perform more autonomously in practice areas, implementing leadership to establish a suitable work environment for collaboration between nurses and care workers.

keywords: geriatric nursing, experience-based leadership, nurse managers, qualitative exploratory descriptive research, the aging society