Future teachers’ preparation to teach and develop competences for democratic culture (CDC)

Proceedings of The 5th World Conference on Research in Teaching and Education

Year: 2022



Future teachers’ preparation to teach and develop competences for democratic culture (CDC)

Marios Koukounaras Liagkis, Kostas Magos, Panayiotis Angelides, Christina Hadjisoteriou, Magda Vitsou



The presentation is based on the Council of Europe’s Reference Framework of Competences for Democratic Culture (2018) and presents the results of research on the needs of future preschool, primary, and secondary education teachers (N=360) who study at three Universities in Greece and Cyprus to develop their competences for democratic culture and their skills to teach the competences for democratic culture. In this quantitative research, a questionnaire was used and from the statistical analysis (SPSS) of the data it emerged that there is a high to a very high degree of need to develop most of the competences for democratic culture (15/20), while there are small differences between the samples from the three universities. It also seems that University education partially covers teaching skills and to some extent prepares student teachers to develop the skills for democratic culture in schools. Nevertheless, it is found that in 10/20 competences, the preparation of the student teachers is not achieved to a satisfactory degree, and for this, there is a high need for intervention in the preparation of future teachers’ education programmes. The research was done in the framework of the Erasmus+ programme, STEP UP-DC (Student Teachers’ Practices for Democratic Culture) which attempts to meet these needs by impacting the practice programmes of student teachers in schools.

Keywords: competences for democratic culture, teacher’s education, school practice .