Expectations of Faculty from a Teaching and Learning Center

Proceedings of The 5th World Conference on Research in Teaching and Education

Year: 2022



Expectations of Faculty from a Teaching and Learning Center

Zeynep Kızıltepe, Özlem Salı



Teaching and learning centers at higher education institutions support professional development of the faculty to improve the quality in the teaching-learning process. In recent years, student-focused and learner-centered approaches have changed the roles and responsibilities of the teachers and the learners pointing to the facilitation of learning rather than transferring knowledge to the students, and establishing instruction that results in effective student learning. The aim of the study reported in this paper is to investigate the expectations of  the faculty members in a newly established teaching and learning center of a  private university in İstanbul. It employed a non-experimental survey research design involving a qualitative approach. Two hundred fifteen faculty members aged between 25 and 65, were asked two open-ended questions to obtain authentic and spontaneously expressed responses: 1) What are the general problems that you encounter in the teaching process? 2) What topics do you expect the teaching and learning center to focus on to support you with your teaching process? Results revealed that crowded classrooms, low attendance, low student motivation, and lack of sufficient knowledge in measurement and evaluation are their main problems in the teaching process. Furthermore, they expect the center to focus on these topics to support them with their teaching process: Current teaching techniques in distance and face-to-face education, teaching methods in large classrooms, measurement and evaluation in distance and face-to-face education, enhancing student motivation, instructional design, and academic writing.

Keywords: academician, higher education, professional development, teaching and learning centers, teaching methods.